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Dermatology Dissertation (Thesis)

Dermatology Post Graduate Dissertation

updated on 18th Sept. 2012: 

Updated: NEW Dermatology Thesis Topics MarketPlace 

Finding a dissertation topic is every post graduates nightmare. Many of them believe that most of the common skin conditions are extensively studied. Hence they either try to concentrate on rare disorders or repeat a study in a different way. However resources on evidence based Dermatology show that lacunae exist in the management of even common skin conditions.

Let me Quote from Williams Hywel (Editor). Evidence based dermatology: BMJ Publishing Group. 2003. on Hand Dermatitis.

The choice for an optimal topical steroid treatment schedule cannot be derived from current literature on hand eczema trials. Evidence from studies on other eczematous diseases has to be considered. However 6 RCTs were available for ionizing radiation v/s topical steroids. Does the daily application of a bland emollient lead to dose and/or frequency reduction of topical corticosteroids in adults with chronic hand eczema? No RCT addressing this issue could be identified.

I highly recommend this book for dermatology post graduates looking for a dissertation topic. 

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