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Geographic tongue

Geographic tongue is a relatively common benign condition which may cause significant psychological morbidity. Though often asymptomatic, some may complain of burning sensation or irritation with hot or spicy food as in this patient. He also had a median fissure which is a frequent association. He also gave history of recurrent oral ulcers.
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Hyperpigmented Patches.

This 25 year old male welder presented to me with well demarcated asymptomatic hyperpigmented spots over the face, neck, back and extremities since 4-6 months. What is your diagnosis?
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As a Dermatologist and Informatician my research mainly involves application of bioinformatics techniques and tools in dermatological conditions. However my research interests are varied and I have publications in areas ranging from artificial intelligence, sequence analysis, systems biology, ontology development, microarray analysis, immunology, computational biology and clinical dermatology. I am also interested in eHealth, Health Informatics and Health Policy.


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