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Let There Be Light

During a recent cosmetic dermatology conference, I saw a person lying on a very colourful bed with his eyes blindfolded with a very dark goggles. On closer inspection, the surface of the bed was made up of an array of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) capable of producing light of different wavelengths and I was given a detailed lecture on the various beneficial effects of light on skin.

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BoNT II: Beauty belongs to the beholder

Botox loves you
Botox loves you (Photo credit: EverJean)
If you have accumulated enough courage to go under the needle for the first time, you will need a self assessment first. Before I go into that let me recapitulate what I mentioned in my last article. BoNT/A (popularly known as Botox® or Dysport®) is a muscle relaxant, injected into suitable facial muscles to reduce or prevent wrinkles from muscle contraction. Here I will only be dealing with the relatively safe ‘upper face’ injections.

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