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Stem the tide

It’s been touted as the technology of the future but ongoing stem cell research maintains that future could still be a while away

English: A human mesenchymal stem cell express...
English: A human mesenchymal stem cell expressing 1) microtubule associated protein fusion to GFP (green) and 2) histone 2b fusion to tagRFP (red) via BacMam gene delivery technology. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recently, a pharma-ceutical distributor approached me with the next big thing in pigmentation control. Their product used the stem cell technology, the technology of the future. Though I have heard a lot about stem cell technology in anti-wrinkle creams and hair restoration, it was my first exposure to a stem cell fairness cream.

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Fountain of Youth

All cosmetic dermatologists use chemical peels as an anti-ageing service. Chemical peel removes superficial dead cells which will be replaced by younger cells from below. But did you know that the same principle can be applied to internal tissues as well?!

Darren J. Baker, PhD, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and colleagues biomarked senescent cells in mice and then zapped the cells with drugs. They found that eliminating these cells delayed the onset of age-related pathologies associated with adipose tissue (wrinkles), skeletal muscle (muscle loss) and the eyes (cataracts) where senescent cells tend to accumulate.

"Our proof-of-principle experiments demonstrate that therapeutic interventions to clear senescent cells or block their effects may represent an avenue for treating or delaying age-related diseases and improving healthy human lifespan," the researchers concluded.

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