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Botox® in Men

Botulinum Toxin type A injections, popularly known as Botox ® is the commonest cosmetic dermatology procedure performed worldwide. Botox relaxes facial muscles into which it is injected thereby reducing the facial lines resulting from muscle contraction. It is a relatively safe and easy procedure with very little downtime and the effect can last upto 6 months. Of late there has been a considerable increase in the number of men opting for this procedure accounting for almost one tenth of all Botox clients. This consistent increase in its popularity even during this period of global economic slowdown is seen by many as an attempt by the young executives to project a “fresh and pleasing” look in the highly competitive job market. However I have seen several senior people taking Botox® to keep up with the younger sub-ordinates. I am yet to see a male client taking Botox to be more attractive to the spouse, though that is the prime concern for most women.
Botox (Photo credit: AJC1)

Upper face Botox is more popular among men with frown lines being the commonest area treated. Reduction of frown lines will eliminate the 'angry/confused' look. Men generally don't mind having forehead lines. Hence I never try to knock out the forehead muscles completely while doing Botox for men. The same applies to crow's feet as well. Too much Botox near the eyes gives it a wider/bigger look which may not be too masculine. As a rule of thumb, men need more Botox for the same effect as in women as the muscles tend to be bigger. Botox is not a very painful procedure though women tend to endure the pain better.

Molecular targets of clostridial neurotoxins (...
Molecular targets of clostridial neurotoxins (CNTs) in presynaptic cell. BoNT/A-G:botulinum toxin A-G, TeNT:tetanus toxin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Botox for hyperhidrosis (increased sweating on palms, soles and under arms) is popular among Men as in Women. However I feel the effect is more and longer lasting in men. New indications for Botox are being explored apart from the common neurological and cosmetic indications. One of my clients takes Botox regularly because it reduces his migraine along with his wrinkles! Studies have shown beneficial effects even in prostatic enlargement.

Men are not averse to cosmetic dermatology procedures any more and certainly not to Botox. But men generally look for a "cool dude" effect and not a mask like face.

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