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Pigment Map and Skin Genomics Projects

I have this habit of making flowcharts to organise information. It helps in visualising information in a broad context. It could also give unique insights sometimes.

Recently I found that there are several online flowchart creation sites. More advanced version of flowcharts are called mind maps. These online sites support collaborative flowchart creation. Don’t you think it is cool?? Many domain experts contributing to a huge online mind map that summarises a complicated topic that everybody can refer to.
Mind Mapping
Mind Mapping (Photo credit: sirwiseowl)

I started making some mind maps few months back and made it publicly available from my website to draw the attention of domain experts. Google quickly indexed these pages and these pages have become relatively popular in a short time. But these mind maps are nowhere near completion. The most popular one is the Pigment Map Project (PMP) to summarise molecular and biochemical factors in pigment production and control. The other projects are Skin Genomics Project (SGP) [This page gets many hits for the search term skingenomics!], Skin Barrier Project (SBP) and Cutaneous Fibrosis Project (CFP). The last two were added couple of days back only. Hope these pages would become popular too.

In spite of google contributing to the traffic to these pages, nobody has expressed any interest in contributing to these mind maps. So If you like the concept delve right in here ( ) All the details and instructions are available on the respective project pages. Link to a demonstration video is also provided.

Finally, here is a list of DermTerms commonly searched in DermKnowledgeBASE (DKB)

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