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During my early days in dermatology, I used to notice a rare condition being written as diagnosis by a senior colleague for few patients on their file. The condition was called GOK. I had absolutely no idea what this elusive condition GOK was, and I asked her one day to learn more about the condition. She explained to me that GOK stands for ‘God Only Knows’ and we had a hearty laugh.

With every passing year, my GOK moments started to become more frequent and after my transition to Cosmetic Dermatology, everything other than acne and melasma became GOK. I consoled myself that, I was probably undergoing a Benjamin Button retrogression towards the neo Google generation, who never had to remember anything, as everything is ‘searchable’. But Google was not the panacea for GOK as it was designed for more mundane tasks.

After several months of (GOK how many!) sleepless nights, I think I have succeeded in brewing the right elixir for GOK. Please try this elixir for yourself! Enter a short history of your GOK moments below and click 'process' to see what happens! The actual homepage is here.

Disclaimer: This is an experimental application for medical professionals and is provided for informational purposes only. This information is not intended to be medical advice or a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Read the full disclaimer before you proceed.

You may cut and paste your clinical findings in the box below using medical terms. Please note that any numbers in the text will be ignored. Please avoid adding any confidential patient data.
Example: Multiple, itchy, tender, subcutaneous nodules on abdomen with septal panniculitis.

Your Primary Diagnosis:(Ignore if GOK)

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