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Recent knowledge: Concepts of dermal absorption in relation to skin decontamination

Decontamination of persons during a fire briga...
Decontamination of persons during a fire brigade exercise employment (Germany) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Skin decontamination is an important step mitigating percutaneous absorption through the stratum corneum (SC), which is also a highly complex process. Thus, understanding diffusion mechanisms and measuring dermal absorption rates are critical to protect humans from toxic exposures. Here, highly varied literature is placed in a biological and clinical perspective in regards to decontamination. Literature from PubMed and Surge Laboratory library files were searched and reviewed for relevance. Recent data have shown multiple layers of SC structural heterogeneity, which results in unique substance partitioning characteristics across the membrane. As such, attempts to model and understand this behavior in alternative in vitro membranes prove difficult.

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