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Truth: Recent Aging Research May Cause Confusion And Gray Hair

Studies: You've got to love them. Just this week alone in the world of aging research, we learned that selfies can prematurely age your skin, sunbathing may actually be good for you, and older people who take the stairs are mentally sharper than those who wait for the elevator. Oh, and the debate was reignited over whether a nightly glass of wine is good for longevity. It's enough to make your head spin. Taking it from the top, and with a grain of salt that may or may not be good for those with hypertension: 1. Selfies cause wrinkles and age your skin. Yes, they can but no, they won't. A 26-year-old British blogger who takes at least 50 selfies a day consulted a dermatologist to see if the high-energy visible (HEV) light from her cellphone screen was causing her skin to age prematurely. Th...

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